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The Overcharge Mutants are the main enemies of Sunset Overdrive.

Origins[edit | edit source]

Overcharge Mutants are the result of the contaminated energy drink OverCharge Delirium XT, created by Fizzco. After the runaway success of Fizzco's first beverage, UNTZ, Fizzco began development of the Overcharge energy drink. Forgoing safety standards for higher production yield resulted in a virus which, when interacting with human tissue, mutated the subject into a grotesquely powerful mutant. The outbreak of mutants began with a nationwide tour, infecting the majority of the United States, and ultimately leading to the infection of Sunset City, home to the protagonist of Sunset Overdrive.

Mutant Types[edit | edit source]

Due to variations in genetic code, each victim of the Overcharge virus mutates differently. This results in variations of enemies

Poppers[edit | edit source]

Poppers are Overcharge Mutants who effectively function as suicide bombers due to their over-indulgence in OverCharge Delirium XT. After identifying a target, they will charge that target and let the other Overcharge Mutants know their location using a shrieking cry just prior to exploding.

Blowers[edit | edit source]

The middle ground of the mutants, blowers are medium-sized mutants capable of spraying toxic chemicals through a modified leaf blower fused into their bodies. This will damage the player, and because of this, they are best dispatched at range.

The OD[edit | edit source]

The most basic type of mutant, these enemies have only basic mutations. They tend to be weak, and thus swarm the player instead of using abilities. They are of medium intelligence, though they function better within a crowd than as individual mutants.

Spawners[edit | edit source]

Spawners are Overcharge Mutants who have the unique ability to spawn The OD from a garbage can strapped to their back. They must be taken out first in a group, as their ability can quickly overwhelm even the most skilled player.

Gunkers[edit | edit source]

Gunkers are Overcharge Mutants who have paired their mutated DNA with spoiled hot dogs and freezers from the local hot dog factory. This grants them the ability to hurl frozen chunks of gunk, breath freezing cold winds on the player, and outfit themselves with jagged, frozen hot dogs jutting out from their body.

Herkers[edit | edit source]

Herkers are huge Overcharge Mutants and dangerous to players. They throw a large projectile toward player that are grinding.

Muggers[edit | edit source]

Muggers are incredibly dangerous mutants with the ability to pounce on the player character. They have sharp objects embedded in their skin, making them formidable at any close range.

Wingers[edit | edit source]

Wingers are Overcharge Mutants who are capable of flight. Additionally, they have the ability to breathe fire and launch fire based attacks, as well as the ability to use the boils covering their bodies in explosive suicide attacks.

Fizzco Robots[edit | edit source]

Fizzco Rifle Bot[edit | edit source]

Fizzco Robots or "Fizzbots", though not technically Overcharge-derived, are linked to the Overcharge Delirium XT mutations and the company responsible for the aforementioned, Fizzco. These mechanized creatures have been dispatched to eliminate the mutants in a bid to hide the truth from any unaffected cities and towns.

Fizzco Bomb Bot[edit | edit source]

Fizzco Bomb Bot jet back and forth between spots where they can shell their enemies with pulse mines and charged laser blasts.

Fizzco Blade Bot[edit | edit source]

The Blade Bot can zip around like dervishes wielding two electric blades, and they can hurl these blades with uncanny accuracy. They're a little less sturdy than other Fizzco Bots.

Fizzco Tank Bot[edit | edit source]

Fizzco Tank Bot is the strongest and most heavily-armored enemy in Sunset City. It's heavily mobile, capable of using jump jets to quickly flit from one location to another. It's sturdy, incapable of being knocked down and it's lethal, able to attack with a pulsing automatic laser and missiles launched all at once.

Scabs[edit | edit source]

Scab Shooter[edit | edit source]

Scab Rusher[edit | edit source]

Scab Tosser[edit | edit source]

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